Terje Ennomäe

Pitching and pilots


One is to pitch to the audience that is kind of familiar to you already or where at least some people are your friends or family or where the environment you’re in is holding and embracing you. It’s a whole lot different to make this first international pitch in a new place to a bunch of people you have never seen. Together with 170 other teams, we also applied for Nordea Startup Accelerator, powered by Nestholma and were chosen to pitch in front of the jury for 2 long minutes. Nevertheless our co-founder Terje had her mind open, voice strong and idea delivered. Nordea will publish the information about all finalists by next Wednesday and it’s definitely worth the wait.


So far we have bootstrapped and even though we have these plans and milestones about different programs, another huge part of our work are our pilot projects. We haven’t yet got the data through the VUNK program but it is just the matter of some signatures that we could start analysing one of the most valuable data sets so far. In addition, we are presenting the results from our first pilot next week. Let’s see how it goes, if the customer sees the value what we can provide and decide to continue with real-time data.

Our main goals for current week:

  • We will complete the application for Prototron (prize from the VUNK hackathon).
  • We will complete the report of our first pilot.
  • We will have some fun and spend time together outside data as well 🙂

Feel you soon!

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