Feelingstream VUNK stage1 2015

VUNK reflection, next plans – weekly review #4

The second level of Feelingstream’s journey finished up last Friday. We started off at the end of August with VUNK Garage48 Hackathon and continued with the month-long team validation period. Our next quests are now waiting, so we would like to reflect a bit and also discuss about our next plans.

VUNK reflection

Our journey is just in the beginning and VUNK’s team together with the mentors played a big role in it! We have our first pilot customers and pilots lined up as well. VUNK was a great starting point for the whole team, who also gave some insights about this time:

Start Up Wise Guys encouraged us with validating the idea and through giving lots of constructive feedback. Estonian Telecom confirmed that they are experiencing the problem we are trying to solve! VUNK team supported us all the time and it’s visible how united and experienced they are. Last but not least, the feeling with other teams was great!

This VUNK period was totally out of my comfort zone. It made me think differently and showed me how difficult challenges can turn to fun achievements.

Being part of VUNK was like experiencing a type of explosion – rapidly changing, intense and inspiring. It was amazing to see how the initial idea of our product morphed and grew in the tight and constructive feedback loop between us and the mentors and organizers. The pragmatical Miyazaki-ish ambience of the venue amplified the “lets get it done” attitude!

The company was really friendly and you never felt like you are in competition with them. No, the point was learning! And it was done through an environment where you can give and get constructive feedback and still feel happy!

Learning together and repeating together always brings out the best results. The atmosphere, the comments and the company – these are the three pillars of the great time we had.

This experience is bigger than I ever thought it would be. Immediate feedback, discussions with telecom experts, a chance to test rapidly – this is the right way how to do things quickly. And imagine, if the idea is suddenly surrounded by a team that understands each other on the go and does everything with their own initiative – this is something to be dreaming of. For Feelingstream – this is the reality.

Plans for the next quarter

There is never enough power to fulfill all the plans. This is why we took past Sunday, sat down with the team and figured out what will be our main focuses for the next quarter. We put together a pretty long backlog and then focused on the most important. Everything we do during this time will be to make these goals happen:

  1. We want to work with our pilot and new customers to make their businesses better for their customers.
  2. Our product development means improving our language and sentiment corpuses, adding next languages and developing the user interface so it’s also nice to look at 🙂
  3. We will participate at a number of competitions to advance our startup.

Not everything can be revealed but we’ll be sure to tell all the good news – just when the time is right 🙂

Feel on!

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