Personalisation – service exactly for you

Would you be happy when the company adjusts a sales proposal precisely for you based on the latest purchases and your location? Do you want to get the notification from a company with your name, with your favourite items on sale? Sure you are!

Feelingstream conducted a survey last month in Level 11 event for innovation leaders and asked what the aspects that influence customer experience the most are? There were predefined options, and every participant could select several options. In total 34 persons participated over a mobile phone. The previous blog post was about the speed in customer service, this time we focus on personalisation. 

Aspects that play a significant role when managing the customer experience. TOP4 helps you to improve the customer experience the most. (Feelingstream survey 2018)

Why is personalisation so important?


The survey says 80% of respondents indicating they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalised offers. In a Gartner webinar, there the discussion raised about the personalisation topic in light of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the results that by 2019 81% of marketing leaders see that they compete based on Customer Experience (CX), not price or product. Customers with personalised customer experience will return to the company and buy more.

By knowing this impact on your business, would you like to start to personalise your service?

The intelligence behind the personalisation in customer service

Imagine you as a Customer Service Representative picking up the next call. You could greet the customer by her/his name, could see the info about customer latest purchases (with items and price) and previous feelings during the interaction with your company. While speaking with the customer there will be a recommendation on your screen “lower the talking speed, the customer might prefer slower tempo” or sales recommendation “you haven’t mentioned our latest campaign yet, do it soon”, etc.

With the help of intelligence, these use cases are available by Feelingstream.

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