Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

We have previously talked about how to improve customer service by handling your contacts smarter. For example, read our article about how to handle emails more efficiently. In this post, we focus on customer feedback. We share a couple of use cases how text analysis of customer feedback can help you improve the customer experience in your business.

Getting customer feedback is highly important for a successful business. However, handling large volumes of customer feedback makes it difficult to perform analysis. Luckily there are some options that help businesses manage and understand their customer feedback better.

Looking at text analysis of customer feedback side by side with the numerical NPS score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used for customer perception research. Even though the survey process itself is automatic, the analysis part is time-consuming. Customer feedback questionnaires usually include both, giving a score for the service and a free text option for comment. Since people are different and feel things differently, there might happen discrepancy between the NPS score and sentiment in textual comments. Therefore to really understand how customers feel about your company and services, the comments need deeper analysis.

Feelingstream has built a solution that helps businesses easily do that. Our custom trained machine learning models have high accuracy to automatically detect sentiment and topics in customer feedback comments. This means instead of only taking into account given NPS scores, the text is also easily accessible for analysis. The text analysis sometimes shows the customer was actually very happy with the service, but just chose the wrong NPS score. The software also gives you an automatic callback report for customers with a negative experience to contact with them.

By analysing NPS that way, your company spends less time and effort on customer given data analysis. You get higher accuracy in categorization with less bias. As well it gives you improved capabilities to listen to your customers and react to the changes in the market.

You can understand what your customers truly think of your customer service when you analyse their text rather than just the NPS scores. This information gives you insights into the customer experience and your customer service quality.

Analyse all conversations to reach more customers than you get with just the feedback forms

Instead of asking for feedback from customers, there is also another option to know what they think about you and your service. The customers’ opinion can also be found in their calls, emails or chats.

Why would this be better than asking for it? Only 15-20% of customers respond to questionnaires. Asking feedback annoys customers. If you look at the information that they voluntarily give you instead, you will have a larger base for understanding the customer experience.

customer feedback text analysis
15% or 100%? What’s your goal?

With Feelingstream solution companies can detect the topics and sentiment from all emails, chats or phone calls. Users can search the text for specific words that is interesting for gathering and analysing customer feedback.
As a result, the process of giving feedback is easier for customers (as it does not exist in the traditional way by asking questions), and you would get the most honest feedback as the customers don’t know that you are catching signals. Also you can evaluate your customer perception in full by easily systematising all of the data.  

Customer feedback is valuable to every company and it is even more valuable if understood right. Not only do you understand more about your customer experience, but you can comprehend your customer service quality better as well.

Do you systematically ask for customer feedback and would need some clarity on it? Contact us and let’s find a solution. In the meanwhile, read more about using our conversation analytics tool to enhance your efficiency, quality, and sales.

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