Why analyse customer service chats

Why should you analyse your customer service chats?

Chat or chatbot is becoming an increasingly important communication tool between a company and a customer. Emails are more old-fashioned and people don’t have the patience to wait in long call queues. Those customer service channels do have their place as well, but chat is the new hot option. With chatbots, customers can get the answers instantly and at the same time, it saves agents time on answering routine and simple customer questions. Analysing customer service chats, whether it is with agents or chatbots, is important to improve your chat customer service.

Automated customer service chats could be great, but what is your chatbot quality?

Common problems with chatbots are that the answers they give are wrong or outdated because of poor intent detection. These situations leave customers without any help and as a result, NPS decreases.

What are the options to improve such situation? It is important to understand the intent and context of the chatbot, which can be automatically detected with the Feelingstream tool. Gathered knowledge helps to increase your chatbot’s quality.

If you go through the process of analysis and enhancing your chatbot, it can handle more customer questions. The customer service chats will have better quality. Having a good chatbot makes it easier for customers to contact you. Good communication between the client and the company increases the possibility for sales.

What more could your chatbot do for you?

Usually, competition between companies is high. Besides constantly adding new products/services, one way to stay in the competition is to offer the best customer service. This is why working with a chatbot is one good way to go. However, it is not something that just works right off the bat.  Companies need constant research for new “bottable” topics to use the chatbot well. This means that they need to find out which topics are outdated and which are currently interesting for customers.

How to find new topics? With the Feelingstream text analytics software companies can periodically review all their email/phone conversations and review the topics they entail. They can also track conversations that are handed over to human agents. Moreso, they can perform content, topic and sentiment analysis.

The result of the continuous review of customer conversations leads to finding new topics to add to chatbot and improving the quality of chatbot. While customers are happier with the bot services, churn rate decreases and sales numbers increase.

A chatbot is already and will be even more used conversation tool for customer conversations in the future. Be ahead of your competitors and make your chatbot the best it can be. Start right now.

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