Learn how the people behind Feelingstream are transforming today’s business practices in banking, telecom, insurance and other industries.

How customer interaction analytics helps manage customer service when managers are working remotely

A few months ago, no one knew how radically our work life was going to change in the coming months.The governments all over the world have requested companies to close their offices and work from home. This means that customer...
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Feelingstream won the European Data Incubator Program: Solving the chatbot visibility problem

Feelingstream won the EDI (European Data Incubator) Program. During the last 8 months, our team had only one focus – to build an MVP for our data provider Telia. The MVP consisted of chatbot analytics and automatic reactions to various...
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How to generate sales leads out of customer interactions

We attend many business development meetings where people try and generate tons of ideas around better customer service through digitalisation, simplifying processes or designing the next product feature. However, our last experience in the telecom sector was different because we...
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Should closing deals be scripted?

Customer interaction analytics creates a new way of closing deals, sales coaching and gaining business results for your company. Call scripts are needed but…. When you follow large call centers, then you usually see that there are predefined call scripts...
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Our new Finnish speech-to-text (ASR) solution helps detect sales leads from customer calls

We recently wrapped up developing our own Finnish speech-to-text model and now it’s ready! Finnish speech-to-text is designed to help large companies detect business critical patterns from customer interactions such as sales leads, efficiency problems, unhappy and leaving customers and...
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