Feelingstream receives 5000 EUR from Prototron

Prototron announced the winners of 2015 from Prototron Fund. Feelingstream is one of the winners with 5 000 EUR.We are extremely happy about the announcement!It’s great to be among the great winners, and well done to all of the teams!Read more info on it here.

Feelingstream is featuring in Tehnopol newsletter

We are glad to announce that Feelingstream success story was featured in Tehnopol’s newsletter. The original post was published here (est). Soon Tehnopol’s client Feelingstream will celebrate their 6-month anniversary of the LIVE implementation of the day when the biggest Nordic Bank Nordea Bank in Finland started to use artificial intelligence to route incoming emails....

Successful production pilot with Nordea Finland

We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that our team have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result, we are stepping into a long-term partnership with them. We also wrote about this last week. Our Data Scientist Mervi Sepp says that despite challenges that lied ahead, there was always a determination to...
Nordea Feelingstream Customer service AI

Contract with Nordea – Feelingstream’s road to success

We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result we are stepping into a long-term partnership with them. Our journey has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Nevertheless, we are happy that it has all been worth it for this victorious...
paying customers come from value

Next step – finding a paying customer!

Feelingstream was one of the winners at VUNK accelerator program 2015. They’ve been working on their solution focusing on helping large service companies improve their customer experience. CEO & founder Terje Ennomäe shares her lessons for the past year. Tell us about the inspiration for Feelingstream, from idea to realization? I have been working for customer service area more...

How you’ll always remember the first live demo

The task – do a demo Ajujaht had one more plan with the seven teams. We had a couple of weeks to do a self-assessment session for the jury and also prepare the demo for our product. How to do a successful demo with a highly technical product? The self-assessment part of our task came pretty easily....

About closing sales with our first corporate customer Telia

So far, Ajujaht had given us task related to investment, team building & marketing. We knew that the time will also come to sell the product. We were right – it was about sales. The task Find a customer, who is ready to say it out loud and also will start using our product. Corporate...
raftbuilding and teamwork

What does raft-building say about teamwork?

Another week, another teamwork task. While driving to the yet another unknown location, we had a pretty good idea this time about what’s ahead of us. Since the staff was once again very secretive about what’s about to happen, we only had an option to guess. We had to put weatherproof clothes on and the...

What does an advertisement say about your startup?

Ajujaht (Brainhunt) has already pushed our limits here and there and they already know which buttons to press, to get all these early startuppers move their bodies and make good business out an idea. This time we met with our whole team and others at the office of the creative agency Tank to create an advertisement....

Estonian customer experience professionals rock!

We had our first ever customer experience gathering yesterday, together with one of our partners Recommy and our first customer, Telia, was also present! It was an amazing morning full of passionate people about customer experience. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied about the attitude in Estonia to improve customer experience. Personally, I...
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