Customer experience

Intelligent auto-replies will become a game-changer!

Automatic responses are a widely used e-mail type in customer service. Auto-replies are often discarded due to their impersonal and trivial content. Feelingstream’s new exciting technology might change that perception in a profound way. Auto-replies can be more than just a thank you for waiting We often expect customer service agents to be almost superhumanly...

Estonian customer experience professionals rock!

We had our first ever customer experience gathering yesterday, together with one of our partners Recommy and our first customer, Telia, was also present! It was an amazing morning full of passionate people about customer experience. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied about the attitude in Estonia to improve customer experience. Personally, I...
Customer feedback interpretation beyond the NPS score

Customer feedback interpretation beyond the NPS score

Interpreting customer feedback beyond the NPS score can be a trickier task than you might think. Imagine this. You have composed a clever questionnaire with carefully worded questions. It presents tested categories for ranking between best to worst or fastest to slowest. You have added a box for free form comments that you dread to...
Predefined topics

How predefined topics kill the vibe

I had a problem with my new internet and mobile service provider. I got the first bill and couldn’t believe the amount it stated. Additionally, I noticed that the package I had bought didn’t fit my needs. For example, I didn’t need the reminder about used limits, or an automatic service at all. I was...
customer experience

What defines the customer experience?

My friend told me a story about his experience with a large bank. He logged in to their self-service to update his profile data. He just needed to change his postal address. Two weeks later this company sent him a new bank card by post to his old address. My friend was disappointed, though luckily...
happy customers generate more profit

Happy customers generate more profit

Successful people follow simple rules in their everyday lives. It’s a known practice that dealing with positive activities improves your own positivity and power. Psychologically it also prepares you for other kind of activities that might be completely different in nature. This is the mindset we want to take to call and contact centres as...
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