why change your call quality monitoring

Why you need to change how you do call quality monitoring – Part I

This common approach to call quality monitoring is costing businesses valuable time and opportunities to grow their business.

More visibility during remote working adds up to better business decisions

Remote work means that managers work from home. The customer service team that is serving customers is either working from home or in a safe work environment. This new situation that the managers find themselves in demands for more visibility tools. They can help, guide or make decisions about efficiency, customer satisfaction or value increase....
Why analyse customer service chats

Why should you analyse your customer service chats?

Chat or chatbot is becoming an increasingly important communication tool between a company and a customer. Emails are more old-fashioned and people don’t have the patience to wait in long call queues. Those customer service channels do have their place as well, but chat is the new hot option. With chatbots, customers can get the...
Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

We have previously talked about how to improve customer service by handling your contacts smarter. For example, read our article about how to handle emails more efficiently. In this post, we focus on customer feedback. We share a couple of use cases how text analysis of customer feedback can help you improve the customer experience...
service personalisation for a quality experience

Service personalisation – offering your customers a quality experience

Would you be happy when you call the customer service of a company and the agent would greet you by your name? If the customer service representative would know your history and could assist you quickly? Do you want companies to send you personalised offers based on your past with them? Of course! Service personalisation...
nps analysis

NPS analysis: Looking behind the score to get great value

It is generally known that if a person has the freedom to choose and there are several services available on the market with different levels, they will spend their money where they get the best service. Here and there we see different service providers advertising themselves, using the “our customers recommend us” slogan! Our NPS...
customer experience

What defines the customer experience?

My friend told me a story about his experience with a large bank. He logged in to their self-service to update his profile data. He just needed to change his postal address. Two weeks later this company sent him a new bank card by post to his old address. My friend was disappointed, though luckily...
happy customers generate more profit

Happy customers generate more profit

Successful people follow simple rules in their everyday lives. It’s a known practice that dealing with positive activities improves your own positivity and power. Psychologically it also prepares you for other kind of activities that might be completely different in nature. This is the mindset we want to take to call and contact centres as...
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